HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN #serials@theflea?

October 16, 2014

Learn how to join in on #serials @ the flea!


#serials@theflea accepts serialized play pitches on an on-going basis.

If you’re interested in submitting a play pitch, email under the heading “Pitch for #serials” with the following:
 A brief description of how you found us
 A bio detailing your writing experience and relevant credits
 One or more pitches – these can be as short as a sentence or a full story synopsis

Your pitch will then be added to our list of pitches. Plays are selected by the individual groups of Bats when their current serial is voted off. Since each group picks their new play on an as-needed basis, we are unable to guarantee when exactly a pitch will be selected. Some pitches have been on our list for upwards of a year prior to being selected. #serials@theflea’s turnaround is incredibly quick and demanding so please only submit pitches if you’re seriously able to commit to writing for a potentially sustained period of time.

We highly recommend attending #serials@theflea prior to sending in a pitch.


#serials@theflea directors are selected from The Flea’s Resident Directors as well as those individuals who come highly recommend from either our writers, current/previous directors, staff and current or former members of The Bats. It is very rare that we utilize a director who does not fall under one of those categories.

However, since #serials@theflea is a high speed, ever-changing show, we occasionally find ourselves in need of a last minute director who does not come from the aforementioned recommendations.

If you’re interested in being considered for one of these rare opportunities, please send an email to under the heading “Directing for #serials” with the following:
 a brief description of how you found us
 your general weekly availability on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
 a detailed directing resume

We highly recommend attending #serials@theflea prior to sending us your information.


Only current Bats, members of The Flea’s resident acting company, can participate in #serials@theflea.

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