Rent the Flea

Produce at The Flea this Summer

The Flea is available for rental productions this Spring and Summer during a hiatus in our producing cycle. This is a great chance for savvy producers to jump in and have their work presented at a distinguished downtown venue during an exciting season of theater.
The Flea rents by the week. We stay involved with all productions that come through our doors, offering logistical input and marketing support. Rental agreements are based on the production’s needs and ambitions; thus, the rental rate will depend on technical requirements and budget.

100% of the box office is yours. The Flea does not participate in ticket sales or revenue.

Both our theaters are available, with flexible performances times. The Upstairs Theater seats 74 patrons, and has an open floor plan and changeable seating. The Downstairs Theater seats 40 and has built-in stage house with fixed seats.

The rental package includes:
-Lighting inventory
-Sound inventory
-Janitorial Services
-Pianos: upright, electric, and concert grand
-Marley floor and access to The Flea’s soft goods stock upon request

Marketing support:
-Prominent display on The Flea website
-E-blast to 20,000+ person Flea email list
-Listing on The Flea’s 8,000+ member Facebook group
-Announcements on The Flea’s Twitter to 14,000+ followers
-Listing in Flea programs
-Announcement at Flea shows
-Display on Flea marquee and window display area

For more information and to download a Rental Application, or call Erin Daley at 212-226-0051 ext 102