Ali Akbarian

Technical Director

Born in Canada, Ali has always been captivated by the mechanics of his surroundings and curious as to how things work on the inside; logically and emotionally. After a glimpse of potential in 2006, Ali set out to the University of Florida and found a path in theatre. Immediately following his graduation at the top of his class in Scenic Design; he was contracted for a year long residency at one of the most successful regional theatres in the southeast, The Hippodrome. Ali was contracted as Production Manager by a leading Event Decor company in the southeast region months before the end of his residency. Excelling in the commercial market while managing over eight productions a week with over thirty staff members and over-hire in multiple spaces; Ali’s future in theatre was fading away quickly. On December 20th, 2015 this realization was cemented into his soul and so the following week he sold his motorcycle, car, and three quarters of his apartment. By December 27th, 2015 Ali moved home, Brooklyn, New York!