On Elizabeth Swados

The Flea mourns the passing of the singular Elizabeth Swados. We had the pleasure of producing three of Liz’s works– JABU in the winter of 2005, KASPAR HAUSER in the winter of 2009 and THE NOMAD in the winter of 2015. During the course of our long friendship and artistic alliance, I came to both know and understand Liz and tried mightily to support her artistry and vision. Liz wrote about runaways, iconoclasts, outcasts and outsiders – but she was the ultimate insider – a wonderful giving collaborator, an instinctive and caring director, a relentless and unfailing provocateur – always a conduit in pursuit of excellence. She was beloved by The Bats and revered by all of the designers and musicians who came under her spell. She charged and challenged me – and I am forever changed by our partnership. She will be remembered and she will be missed.

- Carol O.

What Is Dynamic Pricing?

We are working to keep our ticket pricing transparent and as user-friendly as possible. So we’ve made some slight adjustments to our dynamic pricing. Here’s a breakdown of how our ticketing will work in 2016!

All shows will start at Tier A, our lowest-priced tier. Tiers will continue to be added throughout the run of the show based on demand, but we’ll be sure to keep it very clear on our website what is available when. For the best price, buy early!

We’re going to roll out our tickets a little differently, starting with previews, and then adding in tickets for the full run. Members may purchase tickets for the entire run of our shows at any time by logging in through their member portal.

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