Same Flea, new digs!

Dear Flea Family, Friends and Fans,

We’ve moved into our new digs at 20 Thomas Street, just four blocks south of our White Street location. Amidst construction workers and dust, we’re settling into our new home.

Phones are still in progress, so the best way to reach The Flea is by email.

Click here to find contact info for all our staff members.

New Flea Address:

The Flea Theater
20 Thomas Street
New York, NY 10007

Remembering Liz

Hard to believe that it’s been a year since the death of our beloved Elizabeth Swados. Time goes by much too quickly. We had the pleasure of producing three of Liz’s works– JABU in the winter of 2005, KASPAR HAUSER in the winter of 2009 and THE NOMAD in the winter of 2015. During the course of a long friendship and artistic alliance, The Flea came to both know and understand Liz as we supported her artistry and her unique vision. Liz wrote about runaways, iconoclasts, outcasts and outsiders – but we all knew that she was the ultimate insider – a wonderful giving collaborator, an instinctive and caring director, a relentless and unfailing provocateur – always a conduit in pursuit of excellence. She was beloved by The Bats and revered by all of the designers and musicians who came under her spell. The Flea has made a commitment to produce works by Elizabeth Swados in our new home. Stay tuned as Liz will be with us.

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